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Photography. . . .

Portraits shot at stunning locations that I have discovered around the Tasman district or places that are special to the family and represent aspects of the sitters personality. I endeavour to create stylised character portraits that communicate the essence of the sitter through mood, choice of location, environment and their personal interests as well as capturing those candid moments in-between.

I approach Editorial and Events photographs in a similar way, looking to represent the significance behind the subject/event through utilisation of location, environment, lighting and creating the mood as required by the client.

Shooting on location is best during the light of the 'Golden Hour' at its peak just after Sunrise or just before Sunset, so the shoot will generally begin between 7.30am - 8.30am or between 4.30pm - 5.30pm depending on time of year. For Portraits, especially with children I will always advise the morning shoot works best. Clothing should be clean & tidy, plain colours work best (too many patterns and bold colours can distract from the subject) but any special items of clothing, jewellery or props are welcome and can add a lovely dynamic to personalise your images.

Digital Photo Management and File Preparation. . . .

Providing Digital Photo Management including archiving, retouching, colour management and project management for photographers and digital artists.

An important part of every photographers work flow is managing their digital assets, whether its retrieving images, resizing and uploading them for promotion and publications or keeping track of editions available for gallery reprint sales. With use of various applications, depending on what suits your work-flow, images will be archived and catalogued in order to quickly locate and preview images when required.

With 10 years experience in Retouching and Colour Management I can optimise images files for print and reproduction to the highest standards. Having worked closely with some of the most exacting Fine Art Photographers, for work displayed in Art Galleries through out England such as The Photographers Gallery and National Portrait Gallery.

I also provide project based assets management, involving collation of images and file preparation for a body of work either for print exhibition or book reproduction. Having experience with large touring exhibitions such as the Sony World Photography Awards to pagination of hand-bound photographic art books, images can be project managed from conception to print stage.

I have extensively used the following applications for D.A.M.

• Adobe Photoshop  • InDesign

• Extensis Portfolio  • Adobe Bridge

• Excel and Open Office spreadsheets

For booking information please download an Enquiry Form or contact me at AnitaKatrinaImages@gmail.com

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