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Currently In Production

         This project began as a compilation of recipes for Christmas but as I started thinking about the relevance of cooking Finnish laatikkos in the Southern hemisphere I discovered there was a whole lot more behind it than just food. This became a journey into the personal history of my family's immigration from Finland to Australia that inevitably encompasses our local community. My hope was to resolve a sense of duplicity that I grew up with and find understanding of my own identity within society. And of course finally pin down some of my favourite family recipes that had eluded me for years and to enjoy the smells and flavours that truly made Christmas.

Mums Scribes

This book came about through my experience as a first time mum and sharing it with a very special group of people, my antenatal group.

A collection of our birth plans and our birth stories, as well as our correspondence during the first tumultuous six months after the babies were born. Without our families close by we ventured out together, a group of new mums who discovered the mother within, together.

Our Big Kiwi Family Vacation

Example of Portrait Photography displayed in Photo Book

Book layout of portraits and candid photos from a family vacation. With approximately 70 images displayed over 20 pages with varying layouts and design features.